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HR Fix is proud to be a member of the HR Coach Network.

Welcome to HR Coach

The HR Coach Network is an organisation of qualified HR and Business Coaches that specialise in improved business performance through improved employee performance.

We are business people just like you - real people working with you to create real world solutions. Your HR Coach can help your business:

Link your people to profit

Create a sustainable work environment

Make your business "people ready"

Improve efficiency in your operations

Simplify and systemise your people management processes

Growing Your Business

Your HR Coach can guide you to improve your business performance including the way you attract, manage and retain your staff. Your staff will become engaged in the business and actively assist in turning your business strategy into business action.

The HR Coach Approach

Businesses don't make decisions - people do. By working closely with your HR Coach, you will rediscover how to drive improved performance of your people and create a business based on mutual success.

Your HR Coach will use cutting edge analysis tools and coaching programs which have been carefully researched and designed to help Australian businesses acheive tangible, real world results.

Supported by a National team of experts, your HR Coach is committed to helping your business, and your people, reach their true potential.